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Cake Scraps in a Sad Box

It may not look good, but it sure tastes good

The Milk and Cookies Bakeshop is making the most of its cake trimmings

When the south central Edmonton bakers craft their cake creations, some delicious parts need to be cut away to shape the final dessert. These scraps usually end up getting tossed (because the bakeshop staff can only eat so much cake!).

Now they're sharing the sweet and tasty cake cuttings.

Introducing: Cake Scraps in a Sad Box

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© Milk and Cookies Bakeshop

The to-go box is filled with:

• mixed flavours of delicious cake scraps
• variety of buttercream
• and other fillings leftover from cakes, cupcakes and other treats

Milk and Cookies Bakeshop wanted to incorporate this new way of creating less waste into their daily routine. The boxes are available in-store whenever there are enough cake scraps to make them!

The bakery is donating $1 from every box sold to a local mental health organization. They plan to switch up the organization they donate to, every three months.

Written By Sarah Hoyles

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