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Help to eat together

A city project encourages neighbours to meet over meals

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Edmontonians can borrow gear to help host a potluck or meal with their neighbours!

The place settings and food service equipment are free to use, thanks to an initiative led by the City of Edmonton and River City Events.

It's called Hello, Let’s Eat!

The goal is to assist community members to come together, share a meal and get to know one another.

It's part of the the municipal program Hello, How Are You? designed to connect folks with their communities to help prevent social isolation.

A kit supports a group up to 24 people.

The kit contains:

● Cutlery
● Plates/bowls
● Pitchers
● Mugs
● Cups
● Tongs
● Serving spoons
● Placemats

● Tables/chairs available upon request

Additional items from the River City Events available at the user's expense.

Delivery and pickup are included.

Written By Sarah Hoyles

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