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Henry | Shop Dog

Floor manager at the downtown gift shop, The Artworks

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Henry walks the shop floor to make sure all is right (and sometimes he models the dog accessories from the store)

The 2.5 year old terrier mix, started his shop job when The Artworks' owners adopted him back in April 2017. They got him from Misty Creek Rescue out of Calgary. They spotted his adoption profile online and knew he was the one for them.

He hails originally from Cancun, Mexico

When they were driving to Calgary to pick up the pup, they went going through lots of names. They considered Bowie because his dark eyes make him look like he has eyeliner just like Ziggy Stardust. But in the end, they settled on Henry Bowie.

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Henry continues the long shop doggo legacy at The Artworks

In the past, the job went to two Airedales, a ShihTzu and a Cocker Spaniel cross.

Henry is perfect for the job as he's charming and sweet (but can be a bit of a mischievous bad boy at times). When he gets excited his stylish mohawk hairdo pops up.

ADDED BONUS: He been very welcoming to the store's newest addition, stray kitty ‘Baby’. She'd been living outside under the shop's storage unit all summer and so they decided to bring her into the shop too. Baby loves Henry.

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