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Get a Pet Alert Sticker

Small, reusable, static cling signs acknowledging animals in your home

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We're giving away Pet Alert Stickers for your home.

The reusable, static cling stickers can go on your front door or an exterior window to acknowledge companion animals in your home - just in case of emergency.

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Want one?

Just send us a photo of your companion animal (which we might just share on our social media) and we'll mail a sticker out to you.

Email us:

• picture of your pet

• name of your pet

• your mailing address

Send it all to: hello@walkableedmonton.com

Here are some local pets (with help from their humans) who have submitted their snapshot to get a sticker of their very own:

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This is Hot Sauce.
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This is Gordo.
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This is Happy.
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This is Tanuki.
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