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Walkable History | A. Minchau Blacksmith Shop

A historical Ritchie building up for demolition

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Adolf Minchau built his blacksmith business in the very young city of Edmonton.

He had moved from Europe, Poland to be exact, to the Canadian Prairies. He settled in the town of Strathcona and worked for John Walter as a millwright at the Southside Sawmill.

He decided to strike out on his own and start the Adolf Minchau Blacksmith and Machine Shop in 1912.

Then in 1925 he built and set-up shop at 8108 101 street. That's where the brick building still stands, in the present day Ritchie Community.

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Minchau kept at it until 1955. Then his sons Fred and Stanley took over the family business, continuing it until 1980.

You can see the building after all these years.

But maybe not for much longer...

The current owner just applied for a demolition permit from the city. Although the structure is of historical value, it isn't protected by a city designation as a Municipal Historic Resource.

And so, it could disappear.

Written By Sarah Hoyles

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