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Walkable Edmonton is a belief that we can live a better life by slowing down, putting one foot in front of the other, and enjoying our beautiful city one step at a time.


People are embracing walkable lives in Edmonton.

The neighbourhood has really unfolded.

We discovered after we moved in that the Drift Food Truck people run the restaurant in there (Shamrock Curling Club). We go at least once a week. It seems like everyone in the whole neighbourhood with kids meet at the curling rink on Friday nights and the kids just run wild, and we eat Drift and drink craft beer. That's unexpected!

And they have Edmonton's littlest folk fest. Just over in the park, they organize a tiny folk fest. Set-up a stage and we do it all potluck. There's music all day and night - and it's right there!

We have the desire to be close to the ravine but also a desire to be central. Whyte Ave is right there and the bike lanes connect, so we can get all the way to the Farmers' Market without going on streets. Tyler is an extremely committed transit user. Some days it's the LRT, somedays it's buses, some days it's biking. With the funicular, it's allowed us to use the ravine to get downtown.

Tai + Tyler (with their kids Ada + Leo) – King Edward Park

From an immigrant's perspective, many people think that having a car is a sign of economic prosperity. Once you've settled in Canada, get the descent job, the next step you have to strive for is to get a car—because taking the transit system is part of a negative experience adjusting to Canada. Convincing people that walkability is a good thing to integrate into your life, having a positive experience for people arriving to Canada is really important.

I immigrated here 11 years ago. I take transit most of the time, for coming to work. I live in Rio Terrace, a mature neighbourhood. Purchasing our house, being close to transit was a very big consideration. I hop on the Number 4, go to the LRT station and come over here and get off at Central Station. That's my daily commute.

Being able to walk to a lot of places to get some of your errands done is super important.
There's a Filipino convenience store just a 15-minute walk away, so if I'm craving for certain snacks, it's really easy to go to.



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